It all started about 6 weeks, the woman at work as usual, as PA to the chief of the fire and security company was, everything was fine, if your 8teenxxx boss called and asked his office. come, my wife of 38 years of 12 points 36d boobs and how to do all the well dressed intelligent PA to work in rock, socks, shirt and high heels. However, its entry into his office and asked the leather desk chair in fornt of his old oak. He used to sit SA as nothing unual than this, but this time seemed different was at the edge and a sense of frustration in his voice, he tells Sam, I have very bad news for you, with the current finacial climate, I to assume in connection with a large company who are ready, the business, he says, the fact is that most of my colleagues and I do not want to be the MD, because I believe that retirement will have on you. Go to the sudden discharge a small tear sam and told the boss that everything was in order, because you do not mind, she was thereFinfding 11 years and was the work too easy, too slow, especially since the company. late in the evening he came home, I was in the kitchen of the normal glass of red wine, pouring wine. entered, "Are you okay hunny," he said, "not really my dear, " I've been told I have to go. "The cvompany were purchased and staff are no longer needed. " "Do not worry hun, that something easy to find 8teenxxx talent," I tryinmg your reasurre, later that night and after a few drinks, we sat in the lounge discuss your options. with the children 8teenxxx grew and moved on, no mortgage and the two of us rattling money in the house is not really necessary, but I think Sam is always happy, which is doing its part. We talked about his work in a charity shop volunteer, "no", he said, "too young", such as self -PA. "No", "I 've always wanted then you're hunwhat dreams? " Was the answer that I never hear if I did. "I always wanted to do a budget," "housekeeping " isaid, "Well, you know, looking for people's houses while on the job" cleaning know, wash iron and general cleaning tasks, their jokes, " I said it was his face, " for whom " ". ? I said. "You know young entrepreneurs, working mothers and so on", I said ok, we are investigating, and they give you 100%. That night we went to bed and said she awoke the next morning to find Sam and I had something on his laptop. "What this morning THEN HUN " I said with a raspy voice just woke up : "I design some cards of people through doors and windows, etc. to " well you have to do even two weeks before it came "Finish" I'm throwing a sicky today, " I eveing ??home to find his car still has to drop the cards, I thought. ninth 00 and come anyway has not been my home I have a little worried. 11, 15 and his car rolled down the drive, and I'm in a bit of panic, where she was. that out of the 8teenxxx carI opened the door. she seemed nervous, and when it appeared behind the car door I had the surprise of my life. she was there in the moonlight in his short dark skirt fuck me, that we stand in untucked dress up box, white blouse and mesh in places. "Where the hell have you been so Dreesen huin ?" I mean, when in " We went in and asked me a coffee, while she was dying to pee, and tell me everything when it came down. I went to the kitchen, put the kettle on and sat there and thought what the hell had to have. 5 minutes later, she appeared in her coat smelling fresh scent, and his teeth. clean there he 8teenxxx told me.. as I pointed out in the dining room chair came and went in Sitra but stopped when he would sit, "Can we have a bed in the lounge, I, I'm in a little pain. " my mind was all over the place , had an accident ? is assalto orwe've been through, and she sat carefully on the large sofa and sat down on one leg as if conserved, but from the couch. worry and frustration in my voiuce " what the hell happened hun. " "You have been injured or something? " (That is what came out of his mouth ) was in Windsor Road ( millionaires row ) 8teenxxx sending cards through the doors of the big houses on it. when a guy (Alex ) opened the door and pulled out a card for me to say : "" " what is this " Windows sales no " she answered, I start my own business at home 'Oh,' said the guy who cleaner means. "" no, "replied my wife," I know all this and more, "she said when she said that kids face Lite just 8teenxxx like a Christmas tree, " and why, "said the man" houswife knows all things "" shooping fetching children to walk the dog, cleaning, changing beds, etc, etc " oh this is intresting," said this man, " so you can come back later and I can can to give here a couple of hours. " " Distress of women said yes and asked what 8teenxxx time he said, the man whoI was playing golf in the afternoon, but to be home by 4. 30 and up. said when he returned and made an effort to dress for an interview concideration that seroius something. she said she came out of his way and came p [ ost cards through other doors. cards were left for about an hour later and said she came home to change clothes. wants to make a good inpression showered, his hair and makeup and looked through her ??closet to find the black skirt. when they encounter them, was the makeup or somethingh in them, so I could not wear them. I know, I thought, I have a short circuit in the box of clothing which is clean. took me rock the hell out of the box was a pressing need and was ready to go. She wore a white blouse. the new 8teenxxx short skirt and black patent leather shoes, Ashe said he was dressed so sexy pushed some to 8teenxxx wear fishnet stockings. 04th 00 came and she was ready to go home. took his keys and as sIt was the opportunity to forget a couple of hours of work, leave me a note saying he was very excited. arrived on time in this house 8teenxxx of children and parked in a large unit. as they approached the house, said he heard the door close to the electric propulsion. strange though it opens this morning and when they arrived. but more than that. He approached the large wooden door and rang the doorbell of the cases. The boy answered as before, but this time was standing there in just a 8teenxxx couple of bathing shorts. strange thought, but was rejected because he was home, he said, "Hello and thank you again," I hope you do not mind losing to the Gulf this evening and had to shave my golf buddies have for lunch. commitment, and see if the food itself and instead it lost. was in the kitchen, where Tony was also launched. These two guys were 8teenxxx in the forties, obvisously company directors or winning the lottery or something. , Tony got up from his chair andcame and introduced himself as the winner of golf and laughed. and " slow", she replied: "What are you listening to sam" ? for an interview that was abandoned by this gentleman here, a couple of hours for me to have a cleaning service to do for him. " Oh yeah? " Came to be abandoned. " Well, you better let the two of us," and left the garden with a cold galss something and sat in a hammock. alex asked Sam to remain in the room and asked if he wanted a drink, "would be a good juice, please" right back, "said Alex. Want LET ME KNOW better understanding \\ \\ n MOLEY31
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